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Credentials are the keys to your networks, your applications, and increasingly the API backend of those applications. Preventing unauthorized access is critical to protecting your intellectual property and your data.

Credential theft

Decentralized authentication

Most users or customers with a compromised device won’t know they’re infected with malware. A simple username and password required for authentication can be easily stolen by malware-controlled web browsers, and then used to take over a user account. Fragmented identities and decentralized apps introduce significant risk because of the challenges of enforcing security policies across Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud, and on-premises applications. Centralizing authentication with identity goverment can ease the burden on users and administrators.

Brute force

Access management complexity

An attacker tries multiple username and password combinations, often using a dictionary of words or commonly used passwords or passphrases, in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to an app or website. With the explosion of applications we use to streamline business operations, user access needs are constantly changing. Manually granting and revoking access at multiple access control points adds management overhead and makes timely access enforcement a challenge. Centralizing access policies can ensure faster enforcement and allow for endpoint health checks, as well as mobile device management (MDM) integration.

Credential stuffing

Poor user experience

A more focused and successful variation of brute force attacks, credential stuffing is the automated injection of previously breached username and password pairs to gain access and take over user accounts. These attacks are fueled by the billions of usernames and passwords that have been stolen in various breaches and can be bought on the darknet. It’s no secret that users frequently re-use passwords across multiple apps or websites, making this attack easier for bad actors to execute. Users expect to easily connect to apps from anywhere and on any device. Forcing users to first connect to the company’s internal network can be frustrating when connecting from a variety of device types. Improve security, user experience, and reduce your admin burden by having consistent access policies that focus on user identity, device health, and app context.


Implementing zero trust

As users become more mobile and apps are hosted in numerous data centers and clouds, the traditional network perimeter is tough to defend. Try a different approach by streamlining and protecting authentication and managing access to apps via a centralized access proxy that moves the perimeter to your apps, users, and devices.


Secure access to Office 365

Integrate, simplify, and enhance security of your Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) infrastructure. Prevent unauthorized access with single sign-on (SSO) and several native and integrated options of multi-factor authentication (MFA). You can also scale your Office 365 deployment as your business grows without the complexity of additional ADFS servers and proxy servers.


Secure and scale your VDI infrastructure

As your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution grows, security and performance can become harder to manage. F5’s solutions can reduce the complexity of your network design via infrastructure consolidation, processing of millions of concurrent sessions, and enabling a centralized gateway for authentication and access. This not only makes your VDI more secure but also eases the management burden with granular access policies.


Secure API access

Modern app architectures need to scale up and down as quickly and efficiently as possible, depending on business needs. That means automation is important. Automation requires APIs on every interface, making it difficult to ensure consistent access policies. Implement authorization controls as your first line of defense. The F5 API authorization solution natively supports this need with OAuth/JWT.


Customize user experience with single sign-on (SSO)

With so many applications, users can’t be expected to remember complex, unique passwords for each one. Through federation of SaaS and other cloud-based apps and the ability to serve as an identity provider for on-premises legacy apps, F5 has the only solution that can give users a single pane of glass for all applications via the same portal. At the same time, you can enhance security with the adaptive MFA capabilities of our SSO solution.


Enable trusted remote access

The F5 VPN solution provides end-to-end TLS encryption for client to network or application connections, and IPSEC tunnels between datacenters. The visual policy editor lets you easily create customizable policies that allow for granular customization in authentication options and access management to individual apps, networks, or other resources. You can also inspect several indicators of client or endpoint health that can also factor into access policy decisions. The unique flexibility of this solution makes it much more than a simple VPN.

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